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Television Aerial – Television Aerial Installation

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Television Aerial Installations

There are lots and lots of different ways of having a TV aerial installed. There are various bodies that deal with the field of aerial engineering, the best of which is probably the CAI. Sourcing installers that are CAI affiliated is a really good 1st point of call. Just key in CAI member for TV aerials in your area or county and see which Aerial Installation companies are listed.

Digital aerials – the facts

Television aerial has given you a page on why digital aerials are an often misused quote. Some aerial installation companies deliberately use the term digital reference to what is a normal TV aerial, in order to blind you with science. Don’t be. Get this information and know what questions to ask on our TV aerial page for digital.

Essentially digital is a way of being able to get far more TV or radio channels in the space of 1 analogue channel. This brings down the cost of broadcasting and enables more niche channels also to be able to bring bring forth content. Everything is switching to digital. So an aerial compatible with digital is essential!

Television and Radio Aerials ? Suppliers and Erectors

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